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Workshop Facilities for Heavy Machinery

Our workshop is fully equipped for any task from a PM service right through to a full machine rebuild.

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Machinery Repair Services

Earthmoving Repair

✓ Mining Equipment Repair

✓ Heavy Machinery Repair

Advanced Machinery Workshop Facilities

Aside from our fully equipped field service vehicles, Mad Dog Diesel also has a spacious and professional workshop. This enables us to perform:

✓ Full Machine Rebuilds
✓ Component Overhauls
✓ Diagnostic Services 
✓ Industrial Abrasive Blast & Paint for Heavy Machinery, specialising in Caterpillar machines.

In our workshop, we utilise the latest technology and equipment to complete repairs and conduct maintenance quickly and efficiently. With high-performance diagnostic equipment, our team will find and correct the source of your machinery issues.

The highest safety standards are followed at all times in our workshop, and we provide regular training to maintain high standards at all times. This includes the use of genuine parts as well as after-market parts when requested.

Workshop Services

In our workshop, we use our expert knowledge and quality facilities to accurately diagnose current and potential issues with your machinery. By identifying future problems, we ensure you will avoid unexpected downtime and prevent long-term problems from occurring.

This ensures your business can operate as efficiently as possible, without unforeseen costs and time delays. Just some of the services we complete in our workshop include component rebuilds and overhauls, full machine rebuilds, machinery diagnostics and preventative servicing.

Can’t reach our workshop?

If you are unable to travel to our workshop or it is not possible to move your heavy machinery, do not worry, we can bring our services to you. Mad Dog Diesel will deliver exceptional field services and work around your logistical limitations.

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Heavy Machinery Services

Full Machine Rebuilds

Mad Dog Diesel’s provides ongoing heavy machinery repairs and services throughout Australia, specialising in remote locations and offering workshop facilities and field service across Queensland.

The specialists at Mad Dog Diesel can rebuild an array of mining machines and mining components. We are able to travel to your site to conduct repairs and maintenance or alternatively transport your machinery to our workshop.

Our workshop team offers quality service with rapid turnaround for heavy equipment repairs and components, including diesel engine rebuilds. Complete machine overhaul and repair services are available in our workshop or the field. Your equipment can be removed from your site, rebuilt, and back online faster than you can do it yourself on-site.

Rebuilding heavy machinery offers many benefits, including saving on costs compared with buying new and avoiding operational downtime while waiting for parts.

In addition to surface and underground mining equipment, we rebuild all models of industry-leading brands such as CAT, Komatsu, Caterpillar, John Deere Liebherr, Hitachi, and Volvo.

Component Overhauls

The workshop team provide quality service with a fast turnaround on heavy equipment and component rebuilds, including diesel engine rebuilds.

With Mad Dog Diesel’s dedicated in-house facilities, there is scope to rebuild any significant hydraulic component. We can ensure your suspension and hydraulics are all working as new on all major machinery. We also have the facilities and technical expertise to fabricate a wide range of other components in-house.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic equipment today is very sophisticated and connects right to the onboard computer of your machinery. In addition, there are sensors throughout your equipment that alert your computer when a problem occurs.

In addition to diagnosing your machinery’s specific problems, these diagnostics are used in conjunction with technician inspections to determine which repairs should be carried out.

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Excavator Loading Sand

Industrial Abrasive Blast & Paint

Blasting involves propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to remove contaminants, smooth a surface, or roughen a smooth surface.

Blasting mining machinery and equipment with abrasive materials is the ideal way to extend their lives. Corrosion is not only eliminated, but abrasions are also reduced from wear and tear, extreme heat conditions, chemicals, and more.

In addition, abrasive blasting removes corrosion from surfaces to be primed and protectively coated after they have been stripped back.

We offer dustless abrasive blasting solutions that can be used in various mining and industrial applications. Machinery, equipment, and structures can be cleaned and preserved with it, and all of our operators will ensure they are returned in as-new condition.

All Types Of Heavy Machinery

At Mad Dog Diesel, we specialise in mining equipment of all types, including excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, dump trucks, trailers, plant and vehicles. We are also available to service, maintain and repair any heavy machinery across all commercial, industrial and aviation settings.

Whether it is delicate or intricate machinery, a large storage tank, or earthmoving or mining equipment, we can handle it all, and our experience and expertise ensure that all work is completed to your satisfaction and specifications.

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